Library services

The library will continue to support all your information needs while you are off-campus. Here is a short list of the most important online services offered: 

Access to journal subscriptions

You can access almost all licensed journals directly from home via our proxy service. For more information on to use the proxy, go here:

For a list of the licensed journals at IST:

Ordering articles

In case any of the articles you would like to access are not available via our proxy service, place an order using our document delivery service:


The library provides also access to more than 150.000 ebooks:

Open Access

The easiest way to access information is when it is openly available. If you would like to know more on how to make your research available, check our Open Access page:


Is something not working for you? Or do you need more help after reading the information on our webpages? You can get in contact with us at, or we can arrange a virtual meeting via chat or video conference.

Patrick Danowski