Access to Buildings

As of March 17, all buildings on campus can be entered 24/7 only by using the electrical access system. For this you will need to enter a PIN code in addition to placing your access card on the reader at all times.

The process to open the doors is as follows:

1. enter your four-digit pin
2. place your card on the card reader

Every employee of IST Austria can find his/her pin in the IST Control Panel. You can open this section using the following link:

Please check your profile for this pin, which is a permanent PIN code for the access card and cannot be changed. Do not store the PIN together with your access card!

If you cannot find your PIN in the IST Control Panel, please contact Construction & Maintenance by email:

If you have problems entering the labs contact our on call duty service (0664/88 50 91 33).

Construction & Maintenance